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Despite what some people might tell you, the unquestionable and undeniable truth remains; EVERYONE is capable of living an extraordinarily successful life. In fact, the true enemy in such a life goal is simply yourself.

Although you might initially think differently, people like us have managed to achieve unprecedented levels of success in the world while cutting through racism and discrimination as mere distractions.

And NOW You Can Too!

Are you ready to leave your old mindset behind and change your life? Good. That’s exactly what we’re here to do.

Shifting the way you think can have a profound impact on every aspect of your life. This site is designed to help you change your mind so that you can change your life. Herein lies the key to your success!

Change your mind and you can change your life!

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What people are saying about the book...

Gisela Dixon

This is a powerful book that directly attacks the unfair and racist stereotypes and biases that are all too prevalent in today’s society. Michael writes in a thoughtful and detailed manner about these existing stereotypes and how they tend to affect people of all races and their outlook on life from a young age. I especially liked the topic of how to become a good father to your child and what it means in the wider context. Michael’s lucid, engaging, insightful style makes this an excellent read.

Divine Zap

Shattering Black Male Stereotypes is an intelligently written book that combines street smarts with engaging storytelling skills to deconstruct the illusions we have been fed about black men. It is highly informative and inspiring, a gift that both black men and other races need to read.

Romuald Dzemo

This is the kind of book that people like the President of the United States need to read, people with a somewhat derogatory mental attitude towards blacks.
The reader will feel both inspired and informed about the positive traits of black men while discovering what it takes to make a difference in life. Shattering Black Male Stereotypes: Eradicating the 10 Most Destructive Media Generated Illusions About Black Men is informative, evocative, and hugely motivating.
The 4 Pillars for Living An Extraordinary Life

Inner Peace

The key to an extraordinary life is inner peace. Understanding who you really are and being comfortable in loving yourself is the foundation of inner peace.

Dynamic Health

Health is wealth and its important that you take good care of your physical body. Healthy eating and physical fitness are the keys to dynamic health.

Great Relationships

Relationships are the glue that holds are lives together. Its important that we create intimate emotional bonds in all of our relationships.

Financial Abundance

Financial abundance simply means you have enough money to not be stressed out about it. You determine what financial abundance means to you.
Empowerment Resources For Living An Extraordinary Life


Feeling stuck and disconnected? Overwhelmed by all the negativity and looking for some guidance? Coach Michael Taylor is available for consultations and coaching to support you in transforming your life.

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