Illusion #1 ~ Black Men Are An Endangered Species

Coach Michael Taylor

Coach Michael Taylor

Entrepreneur, Author, Motivational Speaker, Radio & TV Host who is committed to empowering men and women to transform their lives from the inside out.

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  1. Coach Michael Taylor Coach Michael Taylor Post author | January 5, 2018

    Welcome to the summit. Be sure to post your comments and questions below.

    • Alfonso J Davis Alfonso J Davis January 6, 2018

      Thank you Coach for words of inspiration.

      I waited anxiously for this summit to kick off.

      What a powerful way to kick off 2018.

      Yes I did believe about us Black Men being the endangered species especially how racism and white supremacy cause fear in these trigger happy cops and disunity and self-hatred among ourselves.

      I am committed to personal growth listening to audios like this and my home-based biz and reading John C Maxwell’s books and other empowering books.

      I know my WHY and write my vision and now I have to rewrite my goals.

      I look forward working for a union in lower West Manhattan, publishing my second tell all book about my NYC eprofessional and personal experiences, and helping my people when and if interested they are willing in energy deregulation.

      If we don’t help one another Trump and his adminstration won’t. I am not gonna to let his tax cuts steal my thunder.
      We have to deactivate the Willie Lynch chip.

      I am going to start writing my Gratitude List daily.

    • Phoenix Be Phoenix Be January 9, 2018

      Hi Michael, I appreciate your personal story, research, curiosity, intelligent discourse, inspiration and challenge to all us to create a vision for each of us, our communities and the planet. M goals: Build Blossom & Be Wellness Retreat, Teach Evolutionary Life School, Facilitate Shadow Work, keep learning from my mentors, Lead Mankind Project Development, Mentor adolescent boys through Journeymen Asheville. My mission: To Serve the Community and the Planet with Solid Presence and Advocacy for Harmony, Health and Transformation. I look forward to co-creating an empowering future for us now and for future generations. So much to be grateful for!! Phoenix Bartalos

  2. james mcvay james mcvay January 5, 2018

    Thank you! this is right on time! I applaud your efforts and that you were not just satisfied with your success, but wanted to reach out and share knowledge to the masses! Walking the walk! Talking the talk! and making and keeping it plain and simple!

  3. Lesley Shannon Lesley Shannon January 5, 2018

    Thank you coach Michael. This video confirmed some things for me and affirmed other things in me. I am sincerely encouraged and simultaneously challenged by this great work. I’m so looking forward to the days ahead. Be well and Be Blessed!!

  4. Dr. Mansion Dr. Mansion January 5, 2018

    I think the video is full of content rich life experiences and available to those who are willing to be honest with themselves. Mindest matters on the way to new found levels of success and your video challenges the participant to evaluate theirs. This is a great seminar to start 2018. Thank you!

  5. Zakariyya Zakariyya January 6, 2018

    So I just finished the lesson in the summit. I was genuinely impressed and motivated to follow the instructions,as outlined. Also I’m looking forward to the next lesson, thank you.

  6. Harold Magnum Harold Magnum January 6, 2018

    What a welcomed, refreshing and motivational video summit! I’m touched, moved & inspired by this effort to inspire Black Men. Thanks

  7. darryl moment darryl moment January 6, 2018

    thank you for putting this series together. i found watching it difficult because quality of sound and the slow pace of the speaker as a television editor with over 37 yrs experience i know most of the content and practices to spoke about in the intro and i think they will be helpful for most who haven’t done much self awareness or self improvement work. i think the audience attention span would be greatly increased by a few minor production improvements

  8. Howard Lovely, Jr. Howard Lovely, Jr. January 9, 2018

    Thank you Mr. Taylor,….

    I just listened to the first 30 minutes session (Day 1) and I can identify with many of your personal sharing / journey.
    I too have been through Therapy.
    I too am self publishing a book via balboa press currently in an attempt to utilize my “horrible” experience in a transformative way.
    I also have courageously endured and survived often time humiliating, emasculating and frustrating challenges such as Childhood Domestic Violence / Adverse Childhood Experience (DV / ACE), bankruptcy,…suicide attempt,…job lose and struggles with relationships (myself, Family and Amorous type).
    I talk about much of these challenges in my book “Out of The Silence” (A Journey Into Post Traumatic Stress Disorder And Back Again).

    It will be a pleasure to speak to you in person.

    Howard Lovely, Jr.

  9. B. Crit B. Crit January 17, 2018

    Inspiring video.
    Thank you for doing this summit.
    I’m impressed by your presentation and the content.
    I especially like the focus on positivity in one’s life, goals, & gratitude.

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