Illusion #6 ~Black Men Can Not Be Monogamous

Freddy Zental Weaver

Freddy Weaver

Freddy is an author, actor, workshop facilitator and the founder of the Tantra Nova Institute. He is a leading authority on sexuality and emotional intimacy and leads workshops around the globe on how to create authentic connection in relationships.

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  1. Therez Fleetwood Therez Fleetwood January 11, 2018

    Great Interview! I have been following Freddie and Elsbeth for the past year. I interviewed 60 men between the ages of 30 and 60 (90% African American) for my book Men and Intimacy, Real Talk. Real Answers. The information that they provided was not only eye opening but also very educational. This is a wonderful series, Michael… Thank you!

  2. al al January 11, 2018

    Excellent info, Thanks so much Freddy Z, you always know how to make the application of techniques practical.

  3. Kevin Holingsworth Kevin Holingsworth January 11, 2018

    I can remember growing up in Brooklyn, New York in the 60s. And at that time I was 13 years old and I use to admire the way the older guys use to dress. At that time that use to wear silk and wool slacks with a nice bly or a nice Alpaca knit sweater with some nice gators on. The two fellas that come to mind were Little John and Hawkins. Every Saturday you would see them dressed to the max but to make a long story short. Hawkins use to always say you have to make love to a girls mind. At thirteen I didn’t know what this meant but as I progressed in life I now understand what Hawkins was saying.

  4. darryl moment darryl moment January 14, 2018

    outstanding interview guest i dont think most Black people bother to explore the idea of tantra practices loved Freddie’s approach i invite everyone to check out the link attached to this interview

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