Illusion #7 ~ Black Men Are Deadbeat Dads

Jonathan Oliver

Jonathan Oliver

Author, Motivational Speaker, Life Coach, Stay At Home Dad Extraordinaire

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  1. Kevin Holingsworth Kevin Holingsworth January 12, 2018

    A wonderful day 7. I am a 50s baby. My father was a rock. He was my hero god bless him and I miss him dearly. He always use to say that you can have what ever you want but the seeds must be planted and taken care of in order for that flower to blossom. William and my mom Charlotte were married over 50 years. Yes there were some hard times but my pops was always their for me and my two sisters and my brother who passed very early in life. The media tends to describe black men as deadbeat dads which is not true. Remember those who control the rules can’t paint whatever picture they want. Most of the newscast only report 4% of the things happening in the world mostly bad things. So the networks tend to cast the black family as broken and non productive which we know is false. It is no more broken than any other family of other cultures. So I always take that into account. Most of my friends are wonderful fathers whether they’re in the home or not. I have taught my children to be great parents and to keep an open dialogue with their children. They didn’t ask to come here so it is our job to make sure we love them, guide them, and to listen to them deeply.

  2. Darryl Darryl January 20, 2018

    loved it very open and insightful. you can tell he’s earned his dad stripes. my dad was from the 1940’s model. they didn’t show emotion and weren’t allowed to appear weak. he always to my mothers as Mrs. i didn’t know she had a 1st name till i was 15. most woman i know have very narrow rigid ideas of what a father for their children looks like based on the way the fantasized about them from the earliest time plying house with dolls. its still taboo in our community to admit everything behind the closed door isn’t perfect.congrats to both Johnathan and his wife for realizing there is help if you’re willing to look for it in many ways. i emailed the series to a few more guys after this one thanks

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