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Powerful Role Models
There has never been a lack of positive male role models, only the lack of media coverage of them.
There are positive role models in all segments of society which are not shown in the media.
As men, it is our responsibility to be great role models.
It is important for us to be mentors and teachers that share our knowledge and wisdom.
Dr. Jerome Teelucksingh
Jerome is the founder of International Men's Day which is celebrated in more than 80 countries around the globe. In this powerful conversation we talk about the importance of the International Men's Day movement and why men should become involved. He also discusses why having an International Men's day can support men in dealing with feelings of isolation and depression which would result in reducing male suicide and depression. Do not miss this powerpacked episode!
Hakim Erwin
Hakim is known as The Orator Of Enrichment and he is focused on training leaders to excel in their positions to support them in being the best leaders they can be. His Just Jump Podcast is a motivational and inspirational program designed to encourage anyone to have faith in their dreams and to gain the courage to Just Jump right into them.

Ralph Campbell
Ralph is CEO & Thought Leader of Optimized Learning LLC. As a Corporate Performance Expert, he has been in the field of personal development and transformation for 25 years and has held key corporate leadership positions in the insurance and finance industries. Ralph has completed extensive research in the field of performance expertise, building and sustaining high impact teams through his work at Dartmouth’s Tuck School of Business executive program, and deep practice applied in the workplace and career space.
Idris Ayeni
In this episode Idris talks about dealing with being from Nigeria and how he stays connected to his heritage and being a man of color. He also shares his love for music and why he chose to gain a degree in economics as well as becoming a lawyer. He also shares his reasons for optimism and how he has been able to deal with adversity in his life.

Dr. Shelton Goode
President of Icarus Consulting which is a veteran-owned consulting firm that specializes in helping organizations create inclusive cultures that leverage diversity and inclusion for a competitive advantage. We accomplish this by developing strategies which enable our clients to attract, develop, and retain highly skilled talent from an emerging diverse workforce and, at the same time, enhance the engagement, knowledge, and skill of current employees.
Daren Taylor
Daren is the writer and director of an upcoming Sci-Fi television series called The Spring. It is an innovative approach to film making because he places a lot of emphasis on combining dance and art to create beautifully orchestrated movements combined with a deep spiritual and philosophical story line.

Jewel Love
Jewel is a therapist who specializes in coaching high level executives to embrace healthy masculinity and find inner peace. He is the founder of Black Executive Men (BEM) and he is committed to helping 50,000 black men find inner peace by 2030.
Brandon Alexander
Brandon Alexander is the founder of NewAgeGents which is an organization that supports men in being extraordinary gentleman. In this interview he shares tips on being a man of integrity and honor and discusses some of the unique psychological challenges men of color have to deal with.
Dwayne Jones
Dwayne is a digital artist that creates beautiful pieces of art using digital technology. His creations are absolutely stunning and the fact he is self taught makes his story and his art even more appealing. In this episode we talk about the importance of embracing beauty and he shares some of the inspiration for a wide selection of his paintings.
Dennis Winkler
Dennis is a therapist who facilitates a mens group called Brothers Helping Brothers. In this conversation we discuss the importance of understanding trauma and healing, seeking emotional support as men, why we do not agree with corporal punishment for children and how early childhood trauma impacts our lives. It's a powerful conversation that every black man should check out.

K.A. Wright
K.A. is the author of a wonderful children's book titled Perfect Just Like You. The book is designed to empower children to accept themselves just the way they are and to understand the importance of diversity and inclusion. It is a wonderfully illustrated book with a powerful message and a great resource for building confidence in children.
Chase Murphy
Chase is a personal development coach and author of the book Kick Rocks. In this candid interview Chase speaks openly and honestly about healing from emotional and physical trauma and the importance of self love.

This conversation is possibly one of the most important conversations that are not being had in the black community. It is a thought provoking conversation that provides insights and challenges the stereotypes that black men aren't willing to change.

Jonathan "JO" Oliver
Jonathan is a stay at home dad, speaker, author and personal growth coach that shatters stereotypes about what it means to be a father and he also courageously discusses mental health issues like dyslexia and ADHD.
In this conversation he talks about his new book The Little Boy In Me in which he shares his trials and triumphs of dealing with his struggles with mental health and how he overcame those challenges to become a joyful stay at home dad.
Paul Newell
Paul has 20 years of corporate experience in human resources consultation, pre-sales analysis, public speaking, development training, and coaching.

He serves humanity and his community and others by teaching yoga, being a fitness coach and guide, and delivering health and well-Being sessions to help others achieve the best version of themselves.

Join us for this heart opening dialog about essence, healing, forgiveness and recognizing your divinity.

Jason Rosario
Jason is the founder of The Lives of Men which is an integrated media and lifestyle company focused on chronicling the stories and diverse interests of men of color. TLoM exists as a resource for men as we navigate various life stages. By embracing a feminist, inclusive perspective, our goal is to inspire, activate and nurture the development of well-rounded men.
Rick Williams
Rick Williams is a men's coach who teaches men how to create true connection and intimacy in their relationships. He incorporates a wide variety of techniques and modalities to support and challenge men to move past antiquated masculine roles and encourages them to discover their true authentic selves.

The Joys of Fatherhood
One negative stereotype about black men is the myth of the deadbeat dad. Join Coach Michael Taylor in this completely unscripted interview with his son Mike as they shatter that stereotype. In the conversation they discuss openly and honestly their love for one another
and talks about important issues like divorce, dealing with challenges in life and what it means to love each other unconditionally.
Tyrone Smith
Tyrone Smith is a nationally recognized lecturer and motivational speaker. After he retired from playing professional football with the San Francisco 49ers, Tyrone dedicated his life to helping youth and young adults score in life by obtaining the tools needed to enhance academic, social and moral development. Tyrone’s philosophy, which stresses educational prowess and proactive social behavior, helps today’s youth and young adults become the leaders of tomorrow.

Ellis Hubbard
Ellis is a Professional Performance & Leadership Development Expert/Speaker/Trainer & Consultant who specializes in helping teams both corporate and otherwise, create synergistic relationships so their performance and productivity excels. He is as entrepreneurial as one can get and loves to inspire others to spread their entrepreneurial wings too! His company is Short Street Strategic Solutions .
Michael Christian Woods
Michael is a 20 year old college student who is currently running to be the next mayor of Washington D.C. He definitely shatters the stereotype of young black males and he is a role model and provides a sense of optimism for our youth with his intelligence, compassion and courage.

Raymond Jetson
Raymond is the founder of Metromorphosis which is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to transform urban communities from within. Through this mission, the organization seeks to develop and mobilize a critical mass of engaged citizens to design and implement sustainable solutions to persistent community challenges.
Derrell Noris
Derrell is the founder of Fresh Tech Solutionz; a startup that develops affordable mobile apps and websites for small businesses. Derrell is very active in the community and has recently co-founded another business called Granny's Grand Children to inspire the next generation by encouraging entrepreneurship, black excellence, and multi-generational wealth.

Ashante Branch
Ashante is the founder of an organization named Ever Forward. Founded in 2004, the Ever Forward Club mentors young men of color in middle and high school by providing them with safe, brave communities that build character and transform lives.
Our mission is to give young men a chance to get real.
Ahmad Mansur
Ahmad is a leadership futurist, educator, coach and speaker. He advises companies, start-ups, governments, colleges and universities on big shifts and global trends impacting the future of learning, talent and the economy.

Karl Jackson
Karl T. S. Jackson is a Software Release and Program Manager at On Center Software in The Woodlands, Texas where he manages and directs software releases and company projects. He is launching a new men’s grooming line to help promote healthier options for men called the Black Beard Brigade.
Michael Brown
Michael Brown helps people learn how to make their money work for them using simple financial concepts. He is an expert in financial services and teaching financial literacy. He is committed to empowering families to make better financial choices and to insure they are able to reach their financial goals.

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