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Shatter The Stereotypes Podcast

Can Black Men Be Monogamous?

Posted by Coach Michael Taylor on  June 3, 2018

Category: Relationships
Did you know there are 10 negative media generated illusions about black men that keep them from living extraordinary lives? If a man is trapped by these illusions he will never reach his fullest potential. Check out this video as I dispel one of the most destructive illusions some black men buy into. The illusion is “Black Men Can Not Be Monogamous”.   Illusion #6 from Coach Michael Taylor on Vimeo.
The intention of this site is to provide you with insights and information that will support you in living a rewarding and fulfilling life. I do not deny the challenges you may have to face but I am absolutely certain that you can overcome any adversity placed in front of you. Will it be easy? Probably not. But rest assured that you already have everything you need within you to change your life. There are
“We understand the negative “external” media-generated narrative about black men is inaccurate, and the only way to create concrete solutions to our problems is to change the “internal” narrative black men hold about themselves.” Coach Michael Taylor
It’s been approximately two years since Colin Kaepernick decided not to stand for the national anthem to bring awareness and to protest against police brutality.  His peaceful protest has garnered support and criticism from people of all races and political affiliations around the world and it has definitely shined the light on the issue of race here in America. In an effort to keep NFL protesters from following in Colin’s footsteps, the NFL recently implemented