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Online empowerment summits to provide you with insights, wisdom and strategies to live an extraordinary life!
Eradicating The 10 Media Generated Illusions That Keep Black Men From Succeeding.
This empowerment summit features 12 leading experts in the field of personal development discussing the 10 most destructive media generated illusions about black men. The interviews support black men in waking up from the illusions and live extraordinary lives.
Men's Emotional Healing
It's important for men of color to recognize the impact of the negative media generated stereotypes and how they affects their emotions. In this discussion Coach Michael Taylor speaks with psychologist Russell Richard, addictions expert Ernest Patterson and speaker & trainer Judge Mattocks about the importance of healing our hearts and being in touch with how we feel.

Empowering Men Of Color To Live Extraordinary Lives!
In this powerful 90 minute webinar Coach Michael Taylor is joined by three phenomenal men who are committed to empowering men to embrace a new paradigm of masculinity.

Brandon Alexander is the founder of New Age Gents whose mission is to empower men to be modern day gentleman.

Jewel Love is a therapist and founder of Black Executive Men which teaches men of color how to find lasting inner peace and rewarding careers.

Ernest Patterson is a therapist and mens coach who is also a lead facilitator of The New Warrior Training Adventure which inspires men to be authentic and live lives of integrity.
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