Empowerment Summit
Empowerment Summit Schedule
Each day is power packed with insights and wisdom to help you identify the illusion that may be holding you back from living an extraordinary life. Each session is a live video interview featuring Coach Michael Taylor and the featured expert.
Coach Michael Taylor
Day 1. Black Men Are An Endangered Species
The summit begins with a powerful presentation from Coach Michael Taylor that explains why black men should be optimistic about the future and why the media generated perception that black men are an endangered species is incorrect.
Ernest Patterson
Day 2. Black Men Use Race As An Excuse For Failure
In this session Ernest Patterson shares insights on dealing with the psychological and emotional challenges of being a black male and shares insights on how not to use race as an excuse for failure.
Judge Mattocks
Day 3. Black Men Try To Be White
In this session Judge Mattocks speaks about the importance of racial identity and why it's important for black men to be proud of their ethnicity and their heritage.
Rome Madison
Day 4. Black Men Are Less Intelligent
200x200Rome Madison
In this session Rome Madison shatters the stereotype of black men being less intelligent than other groups and shares insights on how black men can overcome this stereotype by investing in their own potential.
Russell Richard
Day 5. Black Men Are Angry and Violent
In this session Russell Richard explains the importance of mens emotional healing and why black men must overcome the fear of asking for help in dealing with their emotions.
Freddy Zental Weaver
Day 6. Black Men Can Not Be Monogamous
200x200Freddy Zental Weaver
Freddy Weaver breaks down the illusion that black men can't be monogamous and shares why some black men struggle with intimacy and their sexuality.
Jonathan Oliver
Day 7. Black Men Are Deadbeat Dads
200x200jonathan oliver
Jonathan Oliver will be sharing his journey as a stay at home dad and some of the challenges he faced while embracing this female dominated role.
Charles Cary
Day 8. Black Men Are Physically Superior
Charles Cary is a cancer survivor who coaches others on taking care of their health and insuring that they maintain a healthy body.
Jan Hutchins
Day 9. Black Men Aren't Patriotic
The media generated illusion is that black men do not love America. In this session Jan Hutchins takes a deep philosophical dive into the psyches of black men and challenges them to change their perceptions about themselves and the world around them..
Donte Burse
Day 10. Black Men Are Lazy
Donte Burse epitomizes true success by being in service to others while making a positive impact on the lives of black men. In this session he shares his vision of empowering black males to reach their full potential.
Brothatech ~ The Black Techies
Day 11. Why Embracing Technology Is So Important
If you truly want to succeed in todays ever-changing world you must embrace technology and use it to your benefit. Listen to technology experts BrothaTech & The Black Techies share some of the emerging technologies you must embrace to succeed in the 21st century.
Arthur J. Johnson
Day 12. Mindset Is The Key To Your Success
200x200arthur johnson
The summit winds down with a dynamic and motivational interview with Arthur J. Johnson. In this session he shares why our mindset is the key to our success and how to use our minds to create our hearts desire.
Brandon Frame
Day 13. Men Making A Difference
Meet Brandon Frame the founder of The Black Man Can Institute. In this interview Brandon shares insights on the importance of following your passions and expressing your gifts while being in service to others.
Coach Michael Taylor
Day 14. Optimistic Closing Comments
The summit ends with some dynamic and motivational insights from Coach Michael Taylor that explains why black men should be optimistic about the future.
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